Irina Koitz is a computer engineer, data scientist and passionate supporter of women in tech. She has 10+ years of professional experience in hands-on software development, product management, data analytics and business analysis, and is deeply in love with using data to solve complex user problems. In her current role as Head of Data Analytics at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, she is leading the global team to build smart buildings that autonomously drive themselves. She holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, a MSc in Computer Science from Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University) and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Zurich.


Self-driving buildings are not a matter of the future any more, and AI makes this possible. In this talk, you are invited to explore together where building data comes from, what it looks like and what it is worth: how it is collected and prepared, how meaning is added to it, and how it is used to make decisions and to enable buildings to drive themselves.

Interview on the topic of "Smart Buildings"

Dr. Irina Koitz

Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Switzerland